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Halloween Half-Pagers: The Sleepy Ones

Halloween Half-Pagers The Sleepy Ones

Often I would wake up at night to find them in bed with me; the sleepy ones. They were small and hard to look at, vaguely humanoid in shape but mostly indescribable. Creatures I first thought were part of my dreams. Always too tired to move or react, I would lay there staring at them, sound asleep. Their little stomachs moving up and down with their breathing, and their multiple eyes closed tight. Then I would fall asleep, joining them in pleasant dreams of companionship. What at first started with fear soon became comfort, as I now had companions in my lonely nights of slumber. I had gotten use to them and that was my mistake. Deciding I would try to see what they really were with eyes not blurred with sleep, I drank five cups of coffee before bed and then faked my sleep. Faking sleep, I soon felt the sleepy ones climb into my bed and after hearing their little snoring I rose up from my bed to get a camera. I did this to prove that they were not the stuff of my dreams. My movement had disturbed them and I quickly grabbed my camera. Hastily I pushed the button and the bulb flashed. I was too late, they were gone my sleep ones. Gone for good. Every night afterwards I was alone and restless, and what little sleep I got was full of nightmares. I was a fool, you can’t take to stuff of dreams into the world of the awake. I was now forever alone at night for that mistake.

….John Kohlbrenner……