The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: The Used Car Lot

Halloween Half-Pagers The Used Car Lot

The used car lot on Cranston Avenue had been haunted for a number of years. Customers would complain about their cars making strange noises, doors suddenly opening, seats moving, or worst of all, the steering wheel turning on its own. The sales manager, Pete, would always scratch his head, wondering what was going on. How was his cars becoming infected with ghosts, let alone how can a car even become haunted. The car lot wasn’t built over a cemetery, and the cars were originally purchased at a legit auction house.

Then one night after being at wits end, he found the answer. He returning to work at midnight because he had forgotten some paperwork that needed to be finished. Upon arriving he saw a strange sight. Al, the star salesman was sacrificing a homeless man on one of the cars. Killing the man with a mean looking dagger. Shocked, Pete fled, but the next day he confronted Al.

Not showing one ounce of worry that he had been caught, Al said, “Pete my friend, how do you think I make so many sales. It requires sacrifice.”

Pete wasn’t particularly religious and made a dark decision, if sacrifices were needed to increase car sales then that would be the new company policy. Now they just needed a priest to exercise the cars of ghosts before delivering them to the customers…

….John Kohlbrenner……