The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: The Where Wolf

Halloween Half-Pagers The Where Wolf

Lycanthrope wasn’t a person, or a curse, he was an entity. For centuries he would find a host to enter and with the coming of the full moon he would gain control of their bodies. It would start with the manifestation of fur and fangs, and end with blood. Lycanthrope enjoyed his bestial nature; the hunt and the kill, but as society progressed it became harder to remain undiscovered. His only fear besides silver, was to be found out. With people living closer together and cameras everywhere, his time was running out. To find another host in which to manifest in was becoming riskier. He had to find an answer, and eventually he found one. He started a reality show, “Who Will Survive Werewolf Island?” With the tag line, “who will be the werewolf and who will be the next dinner?” The viewers thought everything on TV was a special effect, and he had liability agreements with all his victims in case anything happened to them. It was a big hit!
….John Kohlbrenner……