The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: This Abandoned House

Halloween Half-Pagers This Abandoned House

“Check this out, there is an old, abandoned house down the street that should have been torn down long ago. But every day I see people going in, looking like they were going to work, Nothing strange about them, but what is really weird is that I don’t see them leave. It’s always a different person going in, someone I’ve never seen before. Now you ask, could these people be leaving at night when I’m asleep? Well when you are as old as me you never go anywhere and hardly ever sleep, insomnia you know. This has been going on for months now & there must be a small army of people in there.

Have I been inside the place? Yes. When it first started, I saw some stranger just casually walking into the abandoned house, so  I went to check it out but found nothing. The man had disappeared and there was just a bunch of empty rooms full of trash. I even searched for some sort of secret door or room. Nothing. Now you are wondering what I think is going on? Could the house be the entrance for some secret organization, a base for an alien invasion, or even a gateway to the afterlife for souls of the dead? It’s none of those, I think the answer is quite simple. The house is hungry and it calls people so it can eat them. See those scars on my legs, it took a bite out of me once. Now I hear it calling to me so it can finish its meal. Thank God I can’t walk anymore!”

….John Kohlbrenner……