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Halloween Half-Pagers: This Haunted Park

Halloween Half-Pagers This Haunted Park

Davis had been a fan of Haunted Hollows Amusement Park ever since he was a kid. The Midnight Spook House, Ghoul-Train Ride, Flights of Terror, he could run those rides endlessly in his mind. The park was perfect for monsters kids, and he would visit the place at least once every year. Sadly seven years ago the park closed during a recession that ran many businesses into the ground. Davis cried that day, even though he was an adult, he had lost his happiest place on earth. After that he would search the internet, trying to find a park similar to the land of his dreams, but found nothing. Resigned, Davis thought he would never enjoy his childhood again.

Then one October evening as he was going to pass the wasteland that used to be the site of Haunted Hollows, he nearly crashed his car. Before him was the Ghost Coaster with its cars running. Flights of Terror spun in the air, and Davis could even hear the scream whistle of the Ghoul-Train. Speechless, he drove into the crowded parking lot, leaped from his car, and ran to the park, his heart racing. But as he reached the gate he cried out in shock on seeing them closed. That was, closed to the living. The crowds of people he saw inside, he could see right through them, ghosts! The place had truly become a haunted amusement park. To experience the place once more, Davis seriously thought of ending his life right there…

….John Kohlbrenner……


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    This story struck me. My Haunted house The Ravens Grin Inn is a place like this in some respects. It had a history of being haunted long before I was born, going back to 1925.
    People would compliment my “special Effects” that I can’t make to happen because they were actual ghost sightings.
    The bad dream bed is my creation here a person is very quickly transported from the second story to below the basement in maybe 2 Seconds! The slide has a few quick turns in it too, then it dips, then it levels out, then it goes up.. all in 2 seconds. People can’t believe it until they try it.

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    Sounds like an attraction that would fit right in at Haunted Hollows. I’d tell the management there, but they are all dead or is it undead?