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Halloween Half-Pagers: This is a Job for Frankenstein!

Halloween Half-Pagers This is a Job for Frankenstein!

For Frankenstein, immortality was not something he cared about anymore. He was no longer an ugly monster thanks to  plastic surgery. He had traveled the world, loved many ladies, and amassed a large amount of wealth from long term investments. The world had become an endless playground and he should have been happy. But every day was pure misery for he had lost his spark for life. He wasn’t sure if it was the press of time, or secretly being a monster, he just didn’t know. He had tried to end himself, but nothing worked. His maker made him too well. Instead he took dangerous jobs and lived life recklessly. What did it matter, he was immortal.

He started out with jobs such as a cop on the dangerous side of Chicago, a lobster fisherman in the most deadly waters off Alaska’s shores, and even a bodyguard for television’s most hated personality. It wasn’t enough so he went more extreme, becoming a crash test dummy for new cars, an active hurricane rescue worker, and a shark wrangler. Nothing brought back the spark that he was looking for, a reason to live. Then one day he found a good use for his despair, he became a suicide councilor. By demonstrating the various suicide methods on himself, showing how horrible it was to attempt to die, he scared his patients into wanting to live. He still didn’t have his spark, but his patients sure found theirs.

….John Kohlbrenner……