The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: To Hunt the Horrible

Halloween Half-Pagers To Hunt the Horrible

I came to the small town of Vancent in search of the creature called the Vandenbilgg. It was rumored to be so hideous that you would die of fright if you saw him. Even its monstrous cry when heard would kill you too. The town had suffered many deaths throughout the century due to the creature, and in order to survive the town’s people had blinded and deafened themselves in a disgusting mutilation ritual. Fortunately, the people learned to talk before doing that to themselves. This made my investigation possible. At first, the villagers thought I was insane, searching for certain death. When I explained that I was a great hunter and would slay the creature, the people became more interested, hoping to be free of the creature’s reign of terror.
After a month of investigating, I found the monster’s lair in a large cave a mile out of town. Wearing a special isolation suit that blinded and deafened me to my surroundings, I only had a computer simulator to help me move around, and a special computer controlled gun, designed to be used by blind people. What happened next was almost too easy. The Vandenbilgg was lying in wait for me, ready to pounce, but I had my gun aimed and with one shot killed it. The creature must have been used to its victims dropping dead at the sight of it. Overjoyed at my triumph, I ripped off my environment suit so I could finally see my new trophy. I screamed in horror at the sight of it. How could such a thing exist!!!? Then I felt my heart stop from the shock. Even in death the Vandenbilgg killed on sight.
….John Kohlbrenner……