The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: To Walk Through a Nightmare

Halloween Half-Pagers To Walk Through a Nightmare

I was having some strange dreams lately. In them, I was walking through my neighborhood, yet the houses were all abandoned and rotten. The sky was always pitch black, with not a star in sight. A low moaning wind blew, and I felt like I was being followed. My dreams were very creepy and every night I felt that my stalker was getting closer and closer. What it was I couldn’t tell, but whenever I looked behind me all I could see was darkness.

Then one night I woke up in a start, the stalker in my dreams had almost reached me, I had felt something touch my back. Freaked out, I didn’t dare go to sleep, so I got up and decided to go for a walk. It was already three in the morning so my neighborhood was very dark. Looking at the night sky, black clouds blocked the stars. It began to feel like my dream. Looking behind I saw no one, but when I turned to the front I noticed someone walking up ahead. Who would be out here this late? Increasing my pace, I moved to catch up with the person ahead of me. As I reached him, I tapped him on the shoulder. The man jumped and then turned to face me. It was me!

Screaming I woke up, then breathed a sigh that it was only a dream within a dream. Going into the bathroom, I looked in the mirror, and shivered at my own image. Can a person really become afraid of themselves?

….John Kohlbrenner……