The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: A Vampire’s Dream Vacation


What started with a dream ended with a scream. I had always wanted to visit Transylvania, with its crumbling castles and old towns. I would often imagine myself wandering through the ruins at night surrounded by wolves and bats, and then walking through one of the medieval towns and feel the peoples’ fear and superstition. This was the country I always thought of as the old lands, where vampires began. I was a Los Angeles vamp, with the easy pickings of a large city and would imagine what it was like to rough it in the old country where people knew what you were and how to stop you.

The problem was I had to travel on a sixteen hour flight meaning I would be flying in daylight. I didn’t have the money to charter a plane not being one of those right aristocrat vampires, so my options were limited. Eventually I worked up the courage to have my coffin shipped with me in it. Being broke I had to travel ground rate, leading to a very rough trip. Not wanting to suffer through it, I went into a very deep sleep, when suddenly I awoke with a floating sensation. Water was filling up in my coffin and I could feel the sun pounding on the lid. The ship transporting me must have sunk! Oh how I screamed in frustration at cheaping out on my trip before I met my end, I shouldn’t have been such a daydreamer.

….John Kohlbrenner……