The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: Vampire’s Toothache

Halloween Half-Pagers Vampire’s Toothache

Count Valdmar felt a great pain in his upper right fang, and regretted that he had feasted on the plump boy who had been stuffing his face with candy bars. All that sugar in the kid’s blood must have given him a cavity. Already he could feel the tooth rotting away. Being over a thousand years old and not brushing once, made his teeth fluoride depleted. But as painful as the tooth was, the real fear was if the cavity were to spread. To become a toothless vampire was like being a legless horse, useless. With his tooth disintegrating quickly, he knew he had to act quickly. There was no time to find what the modern human’s called a dentist. Already he felt the cavity spread to the other teeth, burrowing into them.

Thinking, he tried to remember what humans did to clean their teeth. Rinsing with water was all that he could think of. Then it struck him, glancing at the body of a vampire hunter that had recently tried to stake him in his crypt, he saw what he needed. Taking the bottle of holy water off the body, he began to rinse his mouth with it. The burning pain was almost unbearable but he smiled anyway. For he also felt it burn away the cavity infected parts of his teeth. Smoke billowed out of his mouth as he spit out the water. The undead cavity was no match for the water. His teeth were ruined, but he knew some warm blood would help them regenerate.

….John Kohlbrenner……