The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers Well into Danger

Halloween Half-Pagers Well into Danger

Deep in the Danforth forest there was a well. It was one of those old types, made up of stones with a wood roof, pulley, and bucket. Why it was deep in the forest, nobody knew, because anyone that used it never came back. Stories were then made up about the well, and people began to avoid it, afraid that it was cursed. After all it was the cause of many disappearances. Why risk your life over a drink of water.

One day Frank Sanford wandered through the woods lost. He had been drunk having flown in from across the country. He just knew he shouldn’t have rented the car and taken a taxi instead. Now he had crashed the car and was stumbling through the trees in a drunken haze. When he came across the well, he just stood there staring at it. Then Frank remembered that alcohol causes dehydration, so he should drink a lot of water. As Frank reached over the well opening to get at the water bucket, the stone surface was so slippery that he fell into the well. Splashing into the dark murky water at the bottom, his first thought was he wouldn’t dehydrate now. Then he noticed all the dead bodies in the water. Lurching backward in shock, he bumped into someone. Suddenly Frank felt powerful hands grip him, and turned him around. An old haggard man wearing rags, stood in a cave opening in the side of the well. He smiled, showing large fangs.

“I was a little worried that the well was starting to run dry.” The vampire said, just before he bit Frank’s neck.

….John Kohlbrenner……