The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: What Screams May Come

Halloween Half-Pagers What Screams May Come

It always happened around 11 pm, the screams coming out of the TV set. No matter what show Billy was watching or even if it was off, the screams came. They would last only a minute and sounded like men, women, and children, crying out in stark terror. The first time it happened Billy nearly spilled his late night snack as he was watching the news. Those horrible screams echoing though his house rattled his nerves. He showed his wife, brought over friends, repairmen, and even the news, and they all heard it, dumbfounded. No one had a clue what was causing it, or how to stop it. He even became a minor celebrity with the news converge. The guy with the screaming TV. Eventually all those screams were too much, so he took a baseball bat to the TV. The next television he got came with surround sound, and this one screamed too, from all four sides of the room.  This time he used a gun on the TV, destroying it. Then he got an HD television and this one not only screamed but showed images of Hell. All the poor souls suffering in agony really made Billy sad. This time he used a gun on himself. The next night Billy’s wife saw him on television, screaming with the other lost souls.

….John Kohlbrenner……