The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: What the New Year Brings

Halloween Half-Pagers What the New Year Brings

It was the New Year and Adam breathed a sigh of relief. He had survived the monster apocalypse from the previous year, and the year before he had made it through a very terrible Halloween. Every year it was the same, an impossible situation presented itself which he had to overcome or at least survive. From alien invasions to nuclear destruction, he somehow made it through all of them. Adam felt he was a victim of a twisted joke, where some mad author was constantly rewriting his life. Each time he was a different person with his name constantly changing, Jason Myers, Gravesmore were the last two. He began to question who he really was, or even what he was.

Now Adam felt that he was in a different situation, and was becoming a new person. Dread washed though him as he wondered what new nightmare he would have to overcome. Already his awareness of his situation was beginning to fade. His name was now Frank Drake and something was starting to block out the sun. The situation for earth didn’t look good, and it was up to Frank to save the day.

….John Kohlbrenner……