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Halloween Half-Pagers: What to Do When They Come For You

Halloween Half-Pagers What to Do When They Come For You

When they finally came for me, I had an impending sense of dread weeks before. This allowed me to prepare for them. It had all started with what looked like the end of the world. Dark ominous clouds circled the world full of black lightning and strange winds. Then the hole opened, a black portal of nothingness that lead to the dark place they came from. The world trembled in fear and as humankind prayed prayer was transformed into something different, a summoning chant. Then they would come at night during the point of deepest slumber. Horrors from out of the blackness, tentacled nightmares that would snatch people never to be seen again. All the victims would profess great fear before there abduction happened and this fear I was feeling now.

I smiled at that fear, I had figured out how to stop them. They had inverted the world, turned good into evil, perverting a prayer to God into something vile. I would do the opposite, say a dark prayer to the devil, worship evil and those creatures will only see the good in it and be repelled. I can now feel sleep overcoming me, and I continue to think dark thoughts. Would I wake up from this? Only the devil would know.

….John Kohlbrenner……