The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: Whatever Happened to Ravenclaw

Halloween Half-Pagers Whatever Happened to Ravenclaw

Dr. Ravenclaw should have been dead, he had sent his Psychotic Six to stop those heroic monsters and they slaughtered them. He knew they would fail so he had stayed behind. Now all of humankind was dead. Monstrous nightmares roamed the earth, yet none of them would touch him, since he had awakened them after all. Even his master Halloween, didn’t respond to his calls. He was alone with the monsters of his own creating and for the first time in a long time he felt sane. A cruel mixture of fear and despair had led to his insanity and if he still had patients to cure, he knew that this mixture would have a hundred percent success rate. Unfortunately he knew that the new owners of earth didn’t have minds, they were created for one reason only, destruction.

After days of wandering the countryside, his only conclusion was to end his life in order to stop this suffering from loneliness, and the awesome weight of realizing that he was duped by his own insanity into ending the world. Yet whenever he would think of how to end his life, he would stop. He was sane after all and no sane person would ever kill them self. He had now truly created his own prison. Which made sense to him, any insane criminal once cured, would be transferred from an asylum to prison. Now all he had left was to do his time.

….John Kohlbrenner……