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Halloween Half-Pagers: You are Who You Eat

Halloween Half-Pagers You are Who You Eat

Old Mrs. Felder loved to cook. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, she could cook all day. She would work away in her quaint little kitchen and make food masterpieces for her family. Anything from a simple grilled cheese sandwich, to a complex Brandade de Morue Marseilles. If she could do it all over she would be a great chef for some fancy restaurant. She enjoyed it all, finding the ingredients, the preparation, and even the look on her husband Bob’s face as he devoured his meal. Then Sally entered her life and nearly shattered her love of cooking.

After finding out about the younger woman, she confronted the husband stealing lady. When they spoke, Sally actually had the nerve to say that Bob was going to leave her. Well she answered her with a meat cleaver, and now she had just the right ingredients for a very special meal for her cheating husband. Old Mrs. Felder really loved the look on her husband’s face when he found out who he was eating.

….John Kohlbrenner……