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Halloween Half-Pagers: From Yuggoth with Love

Halloween Half-Pagers From Yuggoth with Love

When I first read the Book of Eibon, I didn’t get it. All that talk of outer beings, gates to other realities, it was way over my head. My cult study group would chant all the highlighted passages, invoke those secret signs, and in return, there would only be a puff of grey smoke and a distant howl. After that, I felt despondent and thought about dropping out of the group. All that work and nothing happened. We weren’t waking up any old ones.

Then one day an occult buddy of mine brought over one of those Mi-go’s brain cases. Hooking up a vocal and optical receptor to the strange metal cylinder that held someone’s brain, he introduced me to a certain Ms. Foster. It was love at first conversation. She would tell me about all those planets she had visited and dimensions she had experienced. I in turn would talk about the pleasures of having a human body. We spoke for hours and eventually Ms. Foster said she had to an evening flight back to her home on the planet Yuggoth, also known as Pluto, and that I should visit her sometime. She resided on the fifth shelf on bookcase twenty six of the travelers lounge in New Xoth hall. After that day, I couldn’t wait to have my brain removed and join her. You could call it a cosmic kind of love.

….John Kohlbrenner……