The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: Zamora the Witch Goes Shopping

Halloween Half-Pagers Zamora the Witch goes Shopping

Zamora the Witch woke up one day after 300 years of sleep. She had cast an Akeley spell on herself to escape all that witch trial mess in Salem. She even felt a little amused how some innocent victims ended up catching all her blame, but that was in the past, she was awake again. Now in a new century there was time to have her revenge. After a quick interrogation of a vagrant who had wandered by her secret cave, she learned two important facts about this new time. She had arisen on Hollow’s eve, just in time to summon her dark lord and master and end this world that hated her. Also, that all materials she would need to cast her spells could be obtained in a place called a grocery store.

It didn’t take her long in her wanderings to find one of these stores, a structure aptly named Shaw’s. Amusingly she remembered that one of the inquisitors that had been after her was a Shaw. Inside she was amazed at the size of the selection around her, there were several aisles of strange objects, but also shelves full of bottled ingredients for every spell she could imagine. Having grabbed a basket at the entrance, Zamora took handfuls of bottles, and filled her basket to the top. Then she continued to wander the store and was surprised to see images of witches and skeletons decorating the place. What is this, she thought, was her kind accepted in this time? As she finally stood at the register, a young dark haired man wearing a black suite and cape stared at her from behind the register. Zamora, an old decrepit looking hag cringed, fearing persecution.

The boy then smiled at her showing fangs and said, “I love how you look, celebrating Halloween tonight?”

A tear ran down Zamora’s cheek, and she thought maybe she wouldn’t destroy the world after all.

….John Kohlbrenner……