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Halloween Love Blog – E.O.H.F. Member #1

Halloween Love Blog

Hello everyone PGG here, I want to tell you about the first member to join the E.O.H.F. (Esoteric Order of Halloween Fanatics). Halloween Love Blog! A website I will forever be in debt to for making this cool Halloween theme that my own blog uses. Now check out the blog, it has many interesting articles on the horror side of Halloween (and their review of Lords of Salem is spot on.) Best of all the blog is having a Costume Contest!!!  Something all E.O.H.F. members would love!  Here is the link for it: Visit the blog for complete instructions.  The long and the short of it is you’ll be needing to send a picture of yourself in a costume and there will be a cash prize too!!! I’m sure Regreta Graves will love to enter since I don’t pay her anything for the video’s she films. So please visit this member’s very cool site and enter the contest. Because the next trick-r-treater at your door this Halloween may be a member of the E.O.H.F, you have been warned!

……….Professor Grimmgraves..