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Halloween Music of The Phantom of the Opera

Halloween Phantom

Concerning the Halloween history of The Phantom of the Opera.


The Phantom of the Opera plays his song,

Spreading terror and causing much wrong.

He is a musician with a horrible face,

Moves like a ghost vanishing without a trace.

A monster at the organ violent at the violin,

Once a famous composer who caused great sin.

Fear the Phantom when you hear his tune,

For he is close by and will lead to your ruin.


The Phantom of the Opera first came about in the French novel Le Fantôme de l’Opéra by Gaston Leroux, first published in serial form from 1909 to 1910. The novel wasn’t very successful, but after Lon Chaney’s portrayal of him in the 1925 Universal film he became a monstrous hit. Since then there has been at least 4 other movie adaptations of the book and a number of musicals, the most famous being Andrew Lloyd Webber’s version.

In Halloween he is probably the rarest of the major Universal Monsters. With only a cartoonish paper standup by an unknown manufacture in the early 70’s. As for costumes he was first a Don Post mask in 1963 and later in the 60’s he was a Ben Cooper kid’s costume. There has been a Telco motionette made of him in 1992, and that is about it. What he embodies in Halloween is the creepy organ music that he plays. He is the first monster musician, and has been characterized as the performer of spooky music in early Halloween records. While he doesn’t have as much presence as his monster brothers, he is still a classic creep who deserves more from Halloween.



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