The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween of Old

SONY DSCThe American tradition of Halloween first began with the large wave of Irish and Scottish immigrants that came to America during the late 19th century. They brought with them the traditions of the carved lantern and the practice of walking in neighborhood streets at night in disguise asking for candy and money treats. It wasn’t until the early 20th century when these immigrants had spread wide throughout our country did the holiday that we all know really began. Children would wear sheets over their head and become ghosts. Cheap paper masks transformed kids into devils, clowns, and witches. At first, these were used in small costume parties where they would play games like bobbing for apples and contacting the dead. This later grew into the tradition of going from house to house in search of treats and if no one was there kids would play malicious tricks on the home owners.

The trick part got so far out of hand; treats became a form of bribery to stop the troublesome kids. The infamous Bleak Night in Chicago where fires were started by candy crazed children almost led to the stopping of the holiday. Fortunately, with the end of the great depression people had more money and kids received more goodies and by the 50’s, Halloween had become what we observe now a days.

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