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Iron Man 3 A Halloween Review

Iron Man 3 Halloween Review  I’m trying something new with my blog. Liven up the old spirits with movies reviews from a Halloween point of view. First up is the movie Iron Man 3. While the movie (SPOILER HERE) doesn’t take place in October or even on Halloween, there are many elements in the film that have similarities with the holiday. The biggest one being Tony Stark’s constant obsession with dressing up in a costume. It may be a tricked out billion dollar one that he uses to save himself and others, but it still is only a very cool Halloween costume. Trick or treating in that would net you quite a lot of booty. You could fly house to house and then to repulse blast homeowners if they don’t divvy out the sweets. While in the movie he doesn’t go around getting candy when he’s wearing his Iron Man costume. You have to figure, he is a rich man and could afford to buy plenty of his own treats.

Roadie, on the other hand has a bad time with his Iron Patriot costume, probably because he would have preferred to go as War Machine. He ultimately loses it to the bad guys and later the President. How cool it is that the President of the United States dresses up in a Halloween costume during the film! I wonder if our real life one would be man enough to do that? Another Halloween element in the movie is the trick aspect with the Mandarin. This crooked fellow tricks everybody into thinking he is a big bad terrorist, but instead his is just wearing a costume to get his own special treats (drugs and women). Performing the ultimate trick or treat with the president, now that is not very nice.

In conclusion, you don’t see some of my favorites in the film. Such as candy and monsters, but what do you expect in a superheroes movie. Monsters would stretch the credibility of the film too far, and I doubt Toney Stark has much room in his armor for a candy filled gut. Powerful costumed vigilantes are now big during Halloween with Iron Man becoming one of the most popular. Who wouldn’t want to dress up as a billionaire wearing a walking weapon of mass destruction? You sure could pull some serious tricks with that.


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