The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

It’s all about Halloween with Professor Grimmgraves

Post 1         Hello and welcome to my blog about Halloween. My name is Professor Grimmgraves, a title I have given myself to pay homage to all those horror show hosts that use to haunt the airwaves long days past. With this blog, my first attempt at one, I hope to explore myths and legends about Halloween, and the monsters that make up its mythology. I will consult old and new grimoires combing for new facts and beliefs about my favorite holiday (along with a touch of Wikipedia.)  I plan to share Halloween images that I’ve accumulated from my office, travels and from colleges, showcasing the amazing visuals used in the celebration. In this journey with my blog, we will all learn new things about America’s greatest holiday, answer questions, and enjoy the wonderful and mysterious Halloween. (Sorry Christmas, you don’t even come close.)

…Professor Grimmgraves.