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Kweeny’s Halloween Countdown – E.O.H.F. Member #4

E.O.H.F. 4 Kweeny’s Halloween Countdown

PGG here, reporting to you about another new member to the E.O.H.F. (Esoteric Order of Halloween Fanatics) – Kweeny’s Halloween Countdown. This creepy internet site is for the older crowd, full of gruesome pictures from a terrifying batch of movies. No kids allowed. Kweeny is currently running a Halloween countdown full freaky fearful flicks. Most of them gory classics that the older braver members of the E.O.H.F. love to watch. These films are reviewed with sort and concise descriptions that are very entertaining to read. Unlike her normal horror film and book reviews which are more elaborate in detail. Underlining her website is a dark humor that this mistress of horror excels at. So if you want to go down a dark twisted path of clever in depth horror reviews, visit for some truly scary stuff. You have been warned.

……….Professor Grimmgraves..