The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

The Monsters Outside

There were visitors at my window making such a noise,

Creepy looking fellows comprising of both girls and boys.

They were causing such mayhem outside I didn’t know what to do,

Their monstrous activities were something I would never pursue.

After terrorizing the neighborhood they waited on my lawn,

Scared I hid in my house hoping they would leave by dawn.

Peeking out of my window I then noticed something very odd,

They weren’t children in costumes but monsters fanged and clawed.

I knew I was in trouble my house was no protection for me,

When they rang the doorbell I had to answer you see.

So I opened the door and faced them showing no fear,

Smiling bravely I then offered them a cold beer.

They were actually children in costumes, for it was Halloween after all,

And giving alcohol to minors was soon to be my terrible downfall.


……….Professor Grimmgraves..