The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Scarecrows and Halloween: The Cornfield Haunters

Halloween Scarecrow

Halloween facts about Scarecrows.


Made of straw and dirty old clothes,

Built to scare with a striking pose.

The scarecrow is a farms protector,

And on Halloween makes a good specter.

A haunter of cornfields day and night,

To ravens and crows it can be quite a fright.

Built for fear and made of hay,

If you see one move run runaway.


Originally a way for farmers to protect their crops, scarecrows have been the bane of birds for over 3,000 years. Appearing in all types of forms, from human shaped manikins to clanking cans, these guardians of farms have been an easy and effective method of protecting one’s food and has been around so long that they have been ingrained into many cultures. There are even places that have scarecrow festivals, such as the Urchfont Scarecrow Festival in England, and the Meaford Scarecrow Invasion in Canada. In fiction scarecrows are not just inanimate objects but creatures that come to life as benevolent or evil beings. One of the first tales of a living scarecrow is Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Feathertop (1852).  It tells the tale a witch who turns a scarecrow into a man. The most famous scarecrow of course is the one from L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900). There are only a few movies with living scarecrows such as the Wizard of Oz (1939) and Dark Night of the Scarecrow (1981). Which is about a man murdered while dressed as a scarecrow and now this scarecrow is getting revenge on the killers. Scarecrows have shown up more on TV, appearing on such shows as Thriller, Supernatural, Dr. Who and even in a miniseries called The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh (1963). Another famous scarecrow is the Batman villain Scarecrow, who shows up in comics and movies.

Scarecrows in Halloween are not common when it comes to commercially made decorations and costumes. There are a few paper ones, but most are just ones with jack-o’-lantern heads. With costumes the most popular is the Wizard of Oz scarecrow. With homemade decorations they are huge, second only to ghosts. Creating a dummy out of clothes is an easy thing, just ask a farmer. Throwing on some dumpy old clothes and a sack over your head and you got a quick scarecrow costume. While scarecrows are not the scariest Halloween monster, except maybe to birds, he is still a classic icon of Halloween and a popular one for haunting your home with.

……….Professor Grimmgraves..