The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Stephen King and Halloween: When the King of Horror Has His Day

Halloween Stephen King Carrie Poster

A very special Halloween with Stephen King.


There is Cujo with his deadly bite,

Or Charlie who will make you ignite.

Creating a world of deadly plagues and a monstrous clown,

Stephen King’s imagination is not a place you want to hang around.

Full of powerful teenagers that can kill you with a look,

Better left for fiction that you could read in a book.

So if you stay at a hotel or buy a car that is not right,

Prepare yourself for you have entered a world by the master of fright.


For almost forty years when people think of horror fiction they always say Stephen King tops the list. He was the first author to bring horror fiction into the main stream by doing two things, very realistic characters and showing it can happen in your own neighborhood settings. Starting with his first novel Carrie (1974), he exploded onto the horror scene, taking the literary world by storm like a repressed teenager with explosive telekinesis powers. Since then he has written over 50 novels, covering all types of horror. Vampires, werewolves, ghosts, evil gods, zombies, psycho killers, mutants, aliens, and almost always setting them in a realistic world, facing characters you could believe existed. What makes Stephen King’s fiction extra special is a lot of the stores are set in a shared world, giving them all an extra cohesiveness and depth. His two greatest books are of course It (1986) and The Stand (1978), both long epic novels that stand far above any other horror novel. Along with his books there have been a good number of Stephen King movies. While none of them are ever as good as his books, Stanley Kubrick’s The Shinning (1980) is probably the scariest movie ever made.

You would think with all these great books and movies there would be other Stephen King items out there, especially on Halloween. Only a Pennywise It mask and a Salem’s Lot Barlow the vampire mask both produced by Darkside studio’s have been made, though some custom costumes and mask have been done. Stephen King has created so many memorable creatures, one could image bloody Carrie paper decorations around your house along with prom signs, or animatronic Langoliers chomping away at your yard.  A Pennywise the clown prop under a fake sewer gutter complete with balloons, or a pet cemetery with undead animals in front of your house. Along with cool costumes such as a Cujo one for your dog complete with rabies drool, a Ben Cooper Charlie costume complete with gaudy colored flames, and who would not want a deluxe costume of Roland the Gunslinger and the Crimson King. When it comes to the imagination of Stephen King there is a whole world of untapped products that could be made for Halloween, so many one could just scream.

……….Professor Grimmgraves..