The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

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Grimmgraves’s Gallery: Fantasy Action Figures

The Devil: “Come on guys lets stomp some superheroes!”

Grimmgraves’s Gallery: Lost in Space Models

Avengers & the Robinson family vs. giant robots &  monsters.

Grimmgraves’s Gallery: Vintage Superhero Toys

Some super old superheroes

Costume Cosplay at Wondercon 2015

Cosplay at Wondercon 2015

While there wasn’t many monsters, there were some great costumes as the con. Enjoy…

Costumes from Comikaze Expo 2014

Here’s a gallery of colorful costumes from this year’s Comikaze Expo… ……….Professor Grimmgraves…

Costume Cosplay at Comikaze 2014

Here is some costume fun at the latest Comikaze Expo…

A Visit to the Comikaze Expo

Professor Grimmgraves and Regreta Graves here for some post Halloween fun. Today we are visiting the Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles California where we got to see many great costumes. Enjoy if you dare…

Halloween Bonus Treat #3

Here is a 70’s Superhero toys and stuff wallpaper. I know it’s not very Halloween, but there are costumes in it and superheroes have become very popular during the holiday. They even have their own I aisle in most costume stores, so watch out monster! Since this is superheroes week in these haunted halls and […]