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My Many Haunts in Burbank

   In my travels I’m always in search of great spooky stores in which to haunt. Now there are many cool places out there in America, but by some weird alignment of fate, Burbank California has four stores all on the same street or next to it and only a few blocks away from each […]

Win a copy of One Dark Halloween Night!

A ghoul friend of mine is offering up a creepy cool contest!! You can win a free Ecopy of the book One Dark Halloween Night… Just head over to The Serial Reader at: to enter. Serial Reader is a frightfully fun site, so have a look around while you’re there. Now head over and […]

Kweeny’s Halloween Countdown – E.O.H.F. Member #4

PGG here, reporting to you about another new member to the E.O.H.F. (Esoteric Order of Halloween Fanatics) – Kweeny’s Halloween Countdown. This creepy internet site is for the older crowd, full of gruesome pictures from a terrifying batch of movies. No kids allowed. Kweeny is currently running a Halloween countdown full freaky fearful flicks. Most […]

One Dark Halloween Night: Grand Halloween Tour # 4

Regreta and I are once more visiting some exciting Halloween stores in Burbank California. The temptations to buy is great for the these stores have a huge selection of ghouly goodies.. Enjoy. ……….Professor Grimmgraves.. Episode Four: The Halloween stores of Burbank California Filmed and edited by Regreta Graves, music and narration by Professor Grimmgraves

Halloween Bonus Treat #6

Greetings fear friends I have been so busy scaring people into reading John’s book that I ran out of time for my next post. So instead I’ll bribe you all with another treat. Spooky wallpaper made up of the old DC Ghosts comic. Now enjoy, just don’t blame me if your computer becomes haunted. ……….Professor […]

Trick or Treat Everybody!

I am sad to announce that Professor Grimmgraves went into hiding. After starting his blog on cats he realized that they are a witch’s familiar and could be spying on him, but I am sure we have not heard the last of him. I’m John and I’ll explain what is going on. This blog […]

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Stephen King and Halloween: When the King of Horror Has His Day

A very special Halloween with Stephen King.   There is Cujo with his deadly bite, Or Charlie who will make you ignite. Creating a world of deadly plagues and a monstrous clown, Stephen King’s imagination is not a place you want to hang around. Full of powerful teenagers that can kill you with a look, […]