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Grimmgraves’s Gallery: Halloween Costume Stores

Time to get a costume! Spirit Halloween, Phantom Halloween, Halloween Planet, Party City, and Aahs.

Grimmgraves’s Gallery: Fantasy Action Figures 2

Sauron Says: “It’s good to be bad!”

Grimmgraves’s Gallery: Fantasy Action Figures

The Devil: “Come on guys lets stomp some superheroes!”

Grimmgraves’s Gallery: Mezco Hellboy Action Figures

Hellboy and the Miniature Monsters

Halloween Half-Pagers: A Wintry Wish

It was a very cold winter in the town of Sunderland, the snow was as high as a one-story building, and the wind blew with near hurricane force. It felt like nature was trying to freeze and bury the town, wipe it off the map. Hank would grumble all day that life was having revenge […]

Halloween Half-Pagers: A Most Haunted Situation

Traffic was terrible but the hearse was supernaturally powered so they were able to ghost through it. Around them were all types of monsters, large ones, small ones, and they were attacking the fleeing people. The bloodbath was not a pleasant sight and even Valdmar looked pale. Eventually the professor’s group arrived at the hungry […]

Halloween Stores 2015

Now for a trip to some of my favorite stores, Spirit Halloween, Halloween planet, and Aahs… ……….Professor Grimmgraves..

Halloween Half-Pagers Crossover!!!

Since it is now the month of October, it’s time for a special series of Half-Pagers. The stories throughout the month will add up to one big tale that ties into most of the stories of the past year and even the book One Dark Halloween Night! I’m already two stories in and they cross […]

Son of Monsterpalooza 2015

The son was back and boy was he fun. Plenty of masks and goodies to enjoy, with two mini museums and a fun dealers room too. Professor Grimmgraves……

Monster Sighting 3

Here is an article dated 11/1/10 sent to me from Gespenstliebhaber13 in Austria translated to English. Danger strikes the village of Retz’s Halloween-Umzug “Halloween Parade”. Mass abductions reported by mysterious individuals dressed in elaborate costumes, causing a panicked crowd to abruptly end the parade. Police found a victim’s camera with an image of one of […]