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Entering Halloween Times

We are in the final stretch for Halloween once again and I have some goodies planned for the sight. Lots of Halloween galleries and an extra special Halloween Half-pagers anthology that ties into the book One Dark Halloween Night. After watching that fun movie Tales of Halloween, John thought he would make his own anthology […]

Halloween Half-Pagers: From Yuggoth with Love

When I first read the Book of Eibon, I didn’t get it. All that talk of outer beings, gates to other realities, it was way over my head. My cult study group would chant all the highlighted passages, invoke those secret signs, and in return, there would only be a puff of grey smoke and […]

Grimmgraves’s Gallery: Mezco Hellboy Action Figures

Hellboy and the Miniature Monsters

Halloween Half-Pagers: Strange Incarnation

I really thought I had died. There was a car accident, then blackness. When I woke up, I was standing in some dirt surrounded by dozens of strange green plants. They were as tall as me and made up of one long, narrow leaf. Trying to move, I could feel my feet buried in the […]

Halloween Half-Pagers: Nightmare in the City

It was on May 5th when something strange happened across town in Los Angles. Everything changed north of 3rd street and the rest of the city was in shock. It started with a strange fog that covered a section of the city. After a day, the fog dissipated and the horror of what happened shocked […]

Grimmgraves’s Gallery: Vintage Halloween Haunted House Cutouts

Door to door neighbors?

Grimmgraves’s Gallery: Haunted Mansion Hatbox Ghost

“Are you to scared to try my hat?”

Halloween Half-Pagers: Haunted Space

I had never been abducted by space aliens before, but what happened was not like anything I would have imagined. I didn’t wake up on some operating table with grey aliens looking down at me. Instead I awoke in a large empty dirty grey metal room that was full of cobwebs. Were there spiders in […]

Halloween Half-Pagers: What Wall is this?

I would often wander down the beaten path, passing through grassy fields and forlorn forests. I really liked walking in the countryside, enjoying the beauty of nature. Then, one day I  walked further than usual and came across a large grey brick wall. It was deep in the forest and was high enough so I […]

Halloween Half-Pagers: A Lost Ghost Wanders

Halloween Half-Pagers: A Lost Ghost Wanders Once there was a ghost that was lost, he couldn’t find his grave or the house he haunted. He roamed the streets invisible to all, only occasionally knocking over a trash can or two with his poltergeist power. He continued to walk through the city until he  entered the […]