The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

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Grimmgraves’s Gallery: Vintage Halloween Haunted House Cutouts

Door to door neighbors?

Halloween Half-Pagers: What Wall is this?

I would often wander down the beaten path, passing through grassy fields and forlorn forests. I really liked walking in the countryside, enjoying the beauty of nature. Then, one day I  walked further than usual and came across a large grey brick wall. It was deep in the forest and was high enough so I […]

Halloween Half-Pagers: The Lunch Bag

It was a crazy day at the office, so I had a late lunch. After eating at a local restaurant, I was a little surprised to find a crumpled brown paper lunch bag sitting on my desk. I didn’t bring any food, so it must have been someone else’s. Quickly asking my co-workers, I learned […]

Halloween Half-Pagers: The Rain Keeps Coming Down

The rain had started falling on Monday, it was now Friday and it still hadn’t stopped. Water levels around town had risen fifteen feet and panic was widespread because help wasn’t coming, it was raining everywhere. Not a single spot on earth was dry, at least according to the newscaster on TV. Luckily I lived […]

Halloween Night 2015

It’s the best night of the year again… Enjoy our little video of Halloween night.

Halloween Half-Pagers: Every Day was Halloween

Halloween was happening more and more often this year. It would always start with the kids showing up. Dressed as monsters with their faces masked, they would demand candy with their shout of “tick-r-treat!” If you didn’t have any candy they would  vandalize your house acting like the monsters they were dressed as. Everyone was […]

Just in Time for Halloween… A Picture of my Haunted House…

Halloween Half-Pagers: Frankenstein is in a Sharing Mood

Saying the amusement park was ghostly was an understatement. Frankenstein and his friends had followed Professor Gravesmore and his companions through the mouth-like portal, and now they were standing in the most haunted place in the world, Haunted Hollows Amusement Park. The Professor grinned in awe at all the ghosts and ghost rides, to him […]

Book Sighting 4

This time at Target in the Valley!!!

The Return of Halloween Mood Zones

To get in the Halloween mood here is some pictures of some great Halloween displays.