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Grimmgraves’s Gallery: Son of Monsterpalooza 2016

More monster fun at the palooza.  

Grimmgraves’s Gallery ScareLA 2016

More Monsterpalooza 2016

The Return of Halloween Mood Zones

To get in the Halloween mood here is some pictures of some great Halloween displays.

Monsterpalooza 2015 Gallery part 2

Here are the people who attended the great horror convention, scary aren’t they? And it looks like Peter Dinklage had a body transplant. ……….Professor Grimmgraves…

Monsterpalooza 2015 Gallery part 1

Halloween is still a long time away, fortunately for us fright fans there is monster conventions to tide us over. Tons on creepy goodies at this one. First off is a gallery of cool things at the convention. Enjoy ……….Professor Grimmgraves…

Great Halloween Home Haunts of Los Angeles

This October I have been wandering the city streets at night like a restless spirit looking for all things Halloween. Here are the very best that I have come across this year. First up is MOURNING ROSE MANOR in Simi Valley, this is a great atmospheric front yard display of a cemetery, complete with moving […]

Halloween Mood Zones!

Living in a haunted house inspires one to decorate it with monsters. Throughout my home I have areas full of horrible fiends and frightening faces. Inspired by the website Dinosaur Dracula’s term, Halloween Mood Table, I decided to call these my Halloween Mood Zones… Enjoy! ……….Professor Grimmgraves…

A Visit to Halloween Planet 2014

Like a vampire rising at sundown, Halloween stores are emerging from their crypts. It’s that time when shopping becomes interesting, so enjoy this fright filled trip to the store… ……….Professor Grimmgraves…

Yo, What’s Up Creature!

I recently ran into The Creature at the Creature Features store and asked him what he was doing away from the black Lagoon. He said he was on vacation and wanted to check out all the store’s features… He was not disappointed… ……….Professor Grimmgraves..