The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

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The Return of Halloween Mood Zones

To get in the Halloween mood here is some pictures of some great Halloween displays.

Ghost Train 2015

The best Halloween thing to do in Los Angeles, LA Steamer’s Ghost Train is a great kid friendly ride through a great array of Halloween decorations. Enjoy…

Halloween Half-Pagers: Not-so Good St. Nick

Around town they always called him St. Nick because he would nick your kids. He was supposed to be jolly and kindhearted, leaving presents for children on Christmas day, but something in him changed a few years ago, and now the town was full of dread every Christmas Eve. You see, he became more demanding, […]

This Terrible Christmas Tree

There once was a tree that was scary, It would terrify everyone quite fairly. Decorated with monstrous displays, And many hideous dark light overlays. Something was wrong with this tree, Inspiring everyone around it to flee.

Christmas at Halloween Town

For everyone out there missing Halloween already but love Christmas too, Here are some pictures from a wonderful holiday store just for you… ….Professor Grimmgraves…….

One Dark Halloween Night: Grand Halloween Tour # 6

As promised the amazing and frightening trip Regreta and I took on the Ghost Train. Enjoy. ……….Professor Grimmgraves.. Episode Six: Los Angeles Live Steamers – Ghost Train Filmed, edited, and narration by Professor Grimmgraves

Traveling on Los Angeles Live Steamers – Ghost Train

Recently Regreta and I, along with that infamous artist; Churchill Roa, had the extreme pleasure to ride on the Ghost Train near Burbank California. Being regular riders of it every year, Regreta and I were pleasantly surprised how vastly they have improved the ride. Now I can proudly proclaim that this is the ultimate Halloween […]

Cthulhu and Halloween: The Lovecraftian Nightmare before Christmas

Cthulhu Mythos in Halloween wish list.   From out of the cosmic depths of the void called outer space, Comes such hideous creatures that will destroy the human race. Made of slimy tentacles and an insect-like limb, Surviving an encounter with them is quite dim. Creatures so monstrous they would drive you insane, Arriving to […]

Iron Jack: A Halloween Hero!

Like a metal armored pumpkin flying through the sky, Iron Jack was the Halloween hero one would spy. Stopping evil foes and scaring small children at the same time, Using spooky weapons such as spider-webs and green slime. Dressed like a jack-o’-lantern headed tank that is armed to the teeth, Raining down nightmares to those […]

Skeletons on Halloween – Boning up on the Facts

A historic tale of the skeletons of Halloween….   With a rattle of bones they walk through the night, Skeletal white form, so full of fright. Cast as death, you should fear them so, A scary specter used often for show. With a deadly cold grip of its bony hand, Bring forth such horror one […]