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Grimmgraves’s Gallery: Halloween Costume Stores

Time to get a costume! Spirit Halloween, Phantom Halloween, Halloween Planet, Party City, and Aahs.

Grimmgraves’s Gallery ScareLA 2016

Halloween Half-Pagers: Every Day was Halloween

Halloween was happening more and more often this year. It would always start with the kids showing up. Dressed as monsters with their faces masked, they would demand candy with their shout of “tick-r-treat!” If you didn’t have any candy they would  vandalize your house acting like the monsters they were dressed as. Everyone was […]

The Return of Halloween Mood Zones

To get in the Halloween mood here is some pictures of some great Halloween displays.

Book Sighting 2

This time at Njoy Comics & Games in Northridge!

Monster Sighting 1

  This was sent to me from Draulamant31 in Romania. The Romanian newspaper Curierul de Valcea five years ago reported that Alexandru Catinu from the town of Râșnov had gone missing on October 31st. His damaged camera was found the next day in a farm outside of town with only this picture.

One Dark Halloween Night Paperback Trailer!

Happy Halloween!!!

Excerpt from One Dark Halloween Night

Deeper and deeper into the cornfields the trail led. Jason felt some concern that they might end up lost. Drake, seeing his friend’s worried look replied, “Jason, it doesn’t matter how confusing this corn maze can get. We have smart phones, GPS dude.” He pulled out his phone from his pocket and selected the GPS […]

Halloween Mood Zones!

Living in a haunted house inspires one to decorate it with monsters. Throughout my home I have areas full of horrible fiends and frightening faces. Inspired by the website Dinosaur Dracula’s term, Halloween Mood Table, I decided to call these my Halloween Mood Zones… Enjoy! ……….Professor Grimmgraves…