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Two Terrors for Halloween Night

Greetings Halloween fanatics, now available on Amazon is an eBook collection of two short stories of the supernatural and it’s only .99 cents. Two frightful tales set on the same Halloween night as the book; One Dark Halloween Night. In fact one of the tales even explains a subplot from the novel. Do you need […]

A Nightmare at Halloween Spirit Store

Here in lies a video of my terrifying encounters in a haunted costume store. I barely survived the experience and have had many nightmares since. The monsters were real; the dangers were extreme, watch this video so you may survive too!

A Visit to Halloween Planet 2014

Like a vampire rising at sundown, Halloween stores are emerging from their crypts. It’s that time when shopping becomes interesting, so enjoy this fright filled trip to the store… ……….Professor Grimmgraves…

Scarecrow Above

Standing tall up over the crowd, Was a scarecrow that stood proud. Like a sentinel way up in the orange sky, Any higher you would think he could fly. Looking down at the ignorant mass, He waited for the time to come to pass. When he would finally walk with them down below, To prove […]

Halloween Bonus Treat #8

House of Mystery Comic Wallpaper. Enjoy… ..Professor Grimmgraves…

Scary Halloween Video – So Scary You’ll Either Laugh or Scream!

Here is a Halloween treat just for you, Something scary that is way overdue. Don’t give into fear, don’t give into fright, May you have One Dark Halloween Night!   Please share it…

One Dark Halloween Night Trailer

Halloween Monster Sightings 1

This was sent to me from Draulamant31 in Romania. The Romanian newspaper Curierul de Valcea five years ago reported that Alexandru Catinu from the town of Râșnov had gone missing on October 31st. His damaged camera was found the next day in a farm outside of town with only this picture.

Scarecrows and Halloween: The Cornfield Haunters

Halloween facts about Scarecrows.   Made of straw and dirty old clothes, Built to scare with a striking pose. The scarecrow is a farms protector, And on Halloween makes a good specter. A haunter of cornfields day and night, To ravens and crows it can be quite a fright. Built for fear and made of […]