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Grimmgraves’s Gallery: Giant Japanese Robot Toys

King Joe: “Watch where you’re walking everybody, we got little people down there.”

Grimmgraves’s Gallery: Soul of Chogokin Shogun Warriors

Raydeen: “Guys.., I think we are too big to fit in those spaceships.”

Grimmgraves’s Gallery: Aurora Monster Models Part 4

Phantom of the Opera – “Alright everyone, do the Frankenstein walk.”

Grimmgraves’s Gallery: Lost in Space Models

Avengers & the Robinson family vs. giant robots &  monsters.

Grimmgraves’s Gallery Haunted Glo-Heads

These monsters are nothing but swelled head…

Grimmgraves’s Gallery: Neca Universal Monsters Bobbleheads

Talk about swelled heads…

Grimmgraves’s Gallery: Vintage Sci Fi Toys

Where are these guys now? (Well except for Star Wars.)

Grimmgraves’s Gallery: Hasbro Star Wars/ Underground Toys Doctor Who

Star Doctor and the Who Wars – The Fans Awaken

Grimmgraves’s Gallery Comikaze Expo 2015

Feeling like a restless spirit I wander through my haunted house and other unnatural places, here are some images from my wanders… ……….Professor Grimmgraves..

Costume Cosplay at Wondercon 2015