The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

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Son of Monsterpalooza 2015

The perfect convention to get in the Halloween mood. Scary good fun…

Son of Monsterpalooza 2015

To kick off the new Halloween year here are some of the new scares you can buy at Halloween Planet.

ScareLA 2015

Costume Cosplay at Wondercon 2015

Costume Cosplay at Comikaze 2014

Here is some costume fun at the latest Comikaze Expo…

Halloween Night 2014

Here is a video of our adventures on Halloween night…

Getting in the Mood for Halloween

With Halloween only a few days away, here is a little video that will prepare you for the terrors of Halloween Night!!!

Shipwrecked on Boney Island

The skeletons have taken my fort and captured me. I have now been taken to the fabled place Boney Island. The things the skeletons do here, I don’t know if I wIll be able to hold out. They make water dance!!! Captain Blackbeard…

Universal Halloween Horror Days

We all hear about how wonderfully terrifying Universal Halloween Horror Nights are, so instead I will show you what happens there during the day. (Plus the images film better in the daylight…)

Attack of the Pirate Skeletons

Here’s a pirate interlude from my old pal Captain Blackbeard… Argh matey, them walking bones are overrunning me fort, Crazy Ann and The Dutchman put up a good fight, but those black fiends keep coming. We will have to give up Skull Island, I shouldn’t have touched that cursed gold… Captain Blackbeard… Video & Music […]