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Halloween Half-Pagers: The Phantom Plays Monster Mash

The monsters came in waves. Swarms of horrible looking creatures, with one goal, the complete destruction of life. To Frankenstein and his friends, they were more upset that their get together had been interrupted then they were of their impending demise. The Wolfman went full wolf and tore into the creatures. Sam shed the last […]

Ghost Train 2015

The best Halloween thing to do in Los Angeles, LA Steamer’s Ghost Train is a great kid friendly ride through a great array of Halloween decorations. Enjoy…

Halloween Half-Pagers: A Most Haunted Situation

Traffic was terrible but the hearse was supernaturally powered so they were able to ghost through it. Around them were all types of monsters, large ones, small ones, and they were attacking the fleeing people. The bloodbath was not a pleasant sight and even Valdmar looked pale. Eventually the professor’s group arrived at the hungry […]

Halloween Fun in the Valley

Here is a little gallery of Halloween stuff in the Valley. Haunted Hayride, Ghost Train, Backwoods Maze, & Boney Island. Enjoy… ……….Professor Grimmgraves..

Halloween Half-Pagers: A Horrible Problem Solved

Unaware that the end of the world was already happening, Professor Gravesmore was acting like a typical professor, showing off his finds. Before him was a small squat statue, a TV set, an old rocking chair, and a small collection of toys. What was weird about the gathering wasn’t the items, it was his audience. […]

Halloween Stores 2015

Now for a trip to some of my favorite stores, Spirit Halloween, Halloween planet, and Aahs… ……….Professor Grimmgraves..

Halloween Spirit Store 2015

Here’s a little fun we had at the local Spirit store…

Halloween Half-Pagers: The Monstrous Meeting

Professor Gravesmore was frustrated. Nobody would believe him about the monsters hidden in the earth. Hideous creatures, sight unseen, even the fool reporter didn’t believe his story even with the proof in front of his eyes. Having felt that some dreaded doom was approaching, the Professor started correspondences with questionable characters he had heard rumors […]

Halloween Half-Pagers Crossover!!!

Since it is now the month of October, it’s time for a special series of Half-Pagers. The stories throughout the month will add up to one big tale that ties into most of the stories of the past year and even the book One Dark Halloween Night! I’m already two stories in and they cross […]

Monster Sighting 6

In that last news article I posted, I was the American survivor mentioned in it. I witnessed the terror that overcame the small town. What I saw, I still can’t describe or you would think me insane. But I am not the only one, with the evidence I have posted, plus this last one, it […]