The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

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Grimmgraves’s Gallery: Best of SoCal Valley’s Haunts & Displays

Beware the Dark Realm, Coffinwood Cemetery, Rotten Apple 907, The Backwoods Maze, Haunted Groundz, Spooky Hollows, Gothic Hills, Boney Island, Spooky Saloma

Halloween Half-Pagers: 7) House of the Flesh Eater

Looking along Blackbird Street, Brady, Archie, and Dan saw that they were down to only a few more houses. Brady’s frustration at their lack of finding any Halloween treasures on the neglected street had made him blind to the horrors they had just encountered. He was determined to hit every house. Stepping up to a […]

Grimmgraves’s Gallery: The Dungeon of Doom at the Hollywood Museum

Horrifying Hollywood at its Halloween Best…

Grimmgraves’s Gallery: Halloween Costume Stores

Time to get a costume! Spirit Halloween, Phantom Halloween, Halloween Planet, Party City, and Aahs.

Grimmgraves’s Gallery: Halloween at Market Stores

Halloween in September seems to be everywhere, here’s the list- 99 Cents Store, Dollar Tree, Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, K-mart, Walmart, Target.

Halloween Half-Pagers: Cthulhu still Calling

When the end of the world happened, it started with a massive headache. My brain pounded with images of a great octopus- headed creature deep in the ocean residing inside a huge crypt in the middle of an alien city talking in its sleep. What the monster said, I had no idea, just some weird […]

Grimmgraves’s Gallery ScareLA 2016

More Monsterpalooza 2016

Monsterpalooza 2016

Halloween Half-Pagers: A Lost Ghost Wanders

Halloween Half-Pagers: A Lost Ghost Wanders Once there was a ghost that was lost, he couldn’t find his grave or the house he haunted. He roamed the streets invisible to all, only occasionally knocking over a trash can or two with his poltergeist power. He continued to walk through the city until he  entered the […]