The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

The Nighmare After Halloween

Nightmare before Christmas

This is the story of a Halloween nightmare that happened on Christmas.


It was a nightmare before Christmas when all through the crypt,

Not one of the dead had yet risen, not even one bit.

Ghosts floated silently anxious to cause a scare,

Hoping that Jack would frighten with flare.

The victims waited at home nearby,

Their heads full of nightmares that would make them cry.

They shivered in bed, they waited in fear,

Horrified they knew that Jack was soon to be here.


        The Nightmare Before Christmas is probably the freshest look at Halloween in the past two decades. It created a Halloween like world called Halloween Town and populating it with an interesting take on the traditional monsters such as vampires, werewolves, and mummies, along with ghosts, witches, and skeletons. Ruled by the enigmatic Jack the Pumpkin King, who is tragically loved by Sally, a female version of Frankenstein’s monster, the film creates an interesting dark world. While singing and Santa takes the ghoulishness out of the ghouls. The film still created a new Halloween look and style that has grown in popularity as time goes by. Costumes of Jack and Sally are now side by side with Dracula and other creatures. Decorations done in the Tim Burton gothic look can now be found in stores, though the homemade ones tend to be the best. Disney’s great Haunted Mansion now gets decorated up with Nightmare, giving it an even greater Halloween feel that is a true treat for its visitors. Though the story takes place mostly around Christmas, it is still one of the last true Halloween films.