The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep. 10

A Treat for Halloween Night 10

Billy felt his stomach leap up into his throat, speechless he followed the elder lady into her home. She’s just teasing me he thought; after all he was her favorite treater. Mrs. Fillmore always had the best candy and with it being slow this Halloween night, she had to have plenty.

Inside the small hallway Billy saw where he was being led to, and a big grin broke out on his face. It was a huge glass bowl full of candy treats and sitting on top were a dozen Klein bars.

“Do you think I would disappoint a fellow connoisseur of great candy?”

Billy was speechless, but the expression on his face was all the answer she needed. “Now grab as much as you can carry, I have a number of rare treasures inside the bowl.”

Billy trembled with great pleasure, she wasn’t kidding. He could see Soto Bars, Chocolate Crumbees, Stan-tastic Sticks, and even some Zomba Tarts. “Wow, where did you find those Zomba Tarts? I thought they didn’t import them into America.”

“EBay.” Mrs. Fillmore giggled wickedly, she really felt the chubby boy’s joy.