The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep. 11

A Treat for Halloween Night 11

Billy was overjoyed with his plunder. Any misgivings he had felt earlier were completely forgotten. He felt like he had come across a pirate chest full of gold, or Santa’s sack full of toys. He was going to be in sugar heaven for a week with all these rare treats. A horrid thought briefly crossed his mind about the weight he was going to gain eating all this, but then he figured so what, he was already really fat. No one will notice the difference. He would just have a little bit more cushion to protect him from the teasing. Grabbing large handfuls of candy, he began to shove them into his bag.

“Now, now, Billy, save a few for the other treaters.” Mrs. Fillmore said.

“What other treaters?” Billy replied and they both laughed together.

By the time he was done, there were only five candy bars left in the bowl.

“Mrs. Fillmore, you are better than Santa Claus, you have made my year.

The old lady’s eyes twinkled on seeing Billy’s honest happiness; he had made her year too.