The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep. 12

A Treat for Halloween Night 12

Billy, with his bag now full of some truly amazing candy, turned back to the front door. He didn’t need to go treating anymore; he just wanted to race home to partake of his incredible candy and maybe watch some reruns of the Twilight Zone.

Mrs. Fillmore, not wanting to lose her favorite neighborhood kid yet, quickly asked, “Do you want some soda to go with your candy? I have some Cool Fizz, Raspberry flavored.”

This stopped Billy dead in his tracks. Cool Fizz, no way, he thought. “Mrs. Fillmore, where did you get that? I thought they stopped making them back in the sixties! I read that people said it was too sweet.

“Oh, I have my connections, and it’s sweet as heaven” The old lady said with a sinister hint.

Before Billy could ask her to elaborate, they both saw that someone was standing outside of the open doorway and was making an inhuman moaning sound. Fear then hit the two like a tidal wave and they stood frozen and speechless.