The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep. 15

A Treat for Halloween Night 15

Mrs. Fillmore was making high pitched screeching noises as the ghost sheet started to wrap itself around her hand. This broke Billy’s stupor and he did one of the bravest things he had ever done before in his life, Billy threw his candy away. Swinging his bag full of sweets outward, the chubby boy launched it toward the ghost’s head. The treat bag rocketed through the air trailing Klein bars and Stan-tastic Sticks, to finally slam into the ghost’s face. Its head then crumpled, letting go of Mrs. Fillmore’s hand, and the whole sheet fell flatly onto the hallway floor.

Mrs. Fillmore quickly stepped backwards and looked toward Billy. “What just happened? Is this some sort of trick?”

Billy’s response was a look of complete fear.

Glancing back toward the ghost, Mrs. Fillmore saw that the sheet was beginning to rise.