The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep. 16

A Treat for Halloween Night 16

By now Billy was definitely sure that the ghost wasn’t his classmate Darrell. Something supernatural was going on, but he felt more shocked at the idea of throwing away candy then seeing firsthand the actual existence of a ghost. There were Klein bars in that bag, little candy bits of heaven. Mrs. Fillmore was now crying, her whole body trembling in fear. This snapped Billy out of his self-pity and he took action once again. Shaking the old lady, he shouted. “Mrs. Fillmore, we have to run! There is no one underneath that sheet. Somehow it’s alive, possessed by an angry spirit!”

Mrs. Fillmore slowly regained her composure and looked Billy in the eye. “You’re right Billy, for some reason this thing is after us, we need to get upstairs.”

The ghost had now fully risen. Turning away from it, the boy and the old lady ran for their lives.