The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep. 17

A Treat for Halloween Night 17

Forcefully grabbing Billy’s hand, Mrs. Fillmore led the boy down a hallway toward a narrow staircase. Lurching up the stairs, Billy found that he was soon out of breath.

“I’m just too fat for running.” The chubby boy gasped out, already feeling like he was about to collapse.

Mrs. Fillmore pulled with all her strength, if the boy falls, his weight would surely bring her down too. She had to think fast.  “Come on Billy, I saw how you bravely sacrificed your candy for me, I have a lot more upstairs.”

“Really!” This brightened up the boy, and he caught a second wind.

Like leading a donkey with a carrot, the old lady humorously thought.

The two had reached the top when they saw the ghost at the bottom of the stairs. It then began to ascend the stairs after them.