The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep.18

A Treat for Halloween Night 18

“Quickly Billy, we need to get to my bedroom!” Mrs. Fillmore gasped out. “That thing will be up here any second!”

Not waiting for the fat boy to follow, the old lady ran to her room and to her surprise, Billy was right behind her.

“How will we be any safer in here?” Billy asked, looking around the plain bedroom.

Mrs. Fillmore slammed the bedroom door and grinned at Billy. “This should stop it.”

Billy now noticed that the door was extra thick and covered with locks, which Mrs. Fillmore quickly clicked into place. “What is up with your door?”

“With Mr. Fillmore gone, a lonely old lady needs her safety in this dangerous world.”

“OK, if you say so.” Billy began to think that maybe being chased by a ghost wasn’t the craziest thing about his situation this night.