The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep. 2

The sun was already setting as he worked his way over to the Fillmore’s house. Silently he cursed himself for getting a late start on the candy hunt, but his mom had insisted on him finishing all his homework first. This meant he had spent the past four hours reading a hundred pages of Poe. How could Mr. Frown his English teacher assign such a huge workload on Halloween night? He had pleaded with his mom that there was the whole weekend to finish it… She wouldn’t listen, she would say, “This is the perfect book for this evening. You don’t want to think about scary stuff after Halloween, you will be thanking me later.” No, he wouldn’t be thanking his mom, more like cursing her and his darn teacher, especially if he didn’t get his dream candy. Now he had to hurry, and being quite overweight he was breathless already.

“Darn thunder thighs! I need a sugar boost!” Reaching into his bag, Billy plundered some of the candy he had gotten already. Pulling his hand out of the pumpkin candy bucket Billy carried, he shuddered at what his hand held… M&M’s with peanuts! Reluctantly he opened the package and emptied the whole thing into his mouth, like taking sour medicine that was needed. Smiling, he felt the sugar rush kick in and felt ready to continue his Halloween night quest.

John Kohlbrenner