The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

A Treat for Halloween Night – Ep.21

A Treat for Halloween Night 21

Billy did not know what to make of Mrs. Fillmore’s sudden sadness; adult emotions were a bit out of his depth. He only liked to eat and deal with the occasional stomachache. Now the old lady he was trapped within a locked room with was completely loosing it.

“I knew it, I knew it…” Mrs. Fillmore began to whine. “Stealing all those artifacts would come back to haunt me, first my husband’s life and now mine.”

“You steal candy?” Billy gasped.

Mrs. Fillmore paused and looked at the boy strangely. “Candy? Now you silly boy, we were treasure hunters, though the treasures we would obtain were not from ancient temples and forgotten tombs, but from people’s private collections. We were adept in finding artifacts that were rare and bizarre; if it were truly archaic we would obtain it.”

“So that explains why you are so good at getting Kline bars. Cool.” Billy smiled weakly.

Mrs. Fillmore put her hand over her face in frustration. Eventually she managed to calm herself down before saying, “Candy is all you really think of, huh. What I am trying to say is I’m a thief and one of the many cursed items my husband and I have stolen is out for revenge!”

Billy paused stunned for a second, then quietly replied, “Or maybe it just wants some candy.”